What are the benefits for my company to do business with Boily Handfield rather than elsewhere?

Whether your business is in its embryonic stage or has been operative for several years, your choice of accounting, tax and business law professionals can make a big difference. At Boily Handfield, you will find all the services you need under one roof. This ensures consistency and efficiency that you can’t find by doing business with professionals who work separately. Inevitably, this also leads to a potential reduction in cost for your business.

Despite the multitude of services offered by Boily Handfield, we want to establish and maintain a relationship of proximity with our clients. However, this is not always the case if you do use the services of a large firm.

What are the geographical areas where Boily Handfield offers services?

Our offices are located downtown Montreal but our clientele can go far beyond the island. With all the telecommunications tools now available, it has become possible to offer our services to individuals and businesses all across Quebec, from the Outaouais region to Quebec City. We can also refer you to a member of Groupe Servicas with offices near you.